Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ape-Man-Droid (and Micro-Chimp), 2007, ink with digital color.

Here behold the awesome Ape-Man-Droid—once a proud jungle monarch, now a melancholy misanthrope!


  1. SWEET!!!! Especially like the little monkey on his shoulder.

    What's the art-job scene like in Portland? Would I struggle and DIE there? The wife and I are discussing a possible move.

  2. Glad you dig the pic, John!

    As for art work in Stumptown, I can't provide first-hand info. I live to draw, but I don't draw to live.

    Still, seems there are a fair number of artist folks in town who're relatively well fed. I suppose sustainability might depend upon what sort of work you'd want to pursue.

    I'll send you an e-mail message. There are at least a few persons coming to mind who might be able to provide you with additional input.

    In any case, I give life in Portland two thumbs up!