Thursday, February 28, 2008

Self-portrait, 2008, ink with digital color.

As I was coloring this, my wife told me it'd look good with red pants.

"But I don't own any red pants," I complained.

"Maybe you ought to," she replied.

In other clothes-related news, I'm fairly convinced that Bryan Lee O'Malley's characters are the best-dressed in comics.

UPDATE: I've a crowded schedule, so I'm resting the weblog during the month of March. Meanwhile, I invite you to investigate a few friendly links (see sidebar)!


  1. Awesome style of art!!!Cool characters & colors!
    I'll be back!


  2. I can't stop smiling when I look at this self-portrait. It's almost as cute as you!


  3. Cripes...this captures you so damn well. I may have to get a version of me from you! Amazing.

  4. alexei: Thanks!

    anonymous L: You make me blush.

    monkeyfeather: Glad it pleases yer peepers, John.

    rick: It's too bad we don't often see one another. More exposure'd make for a funnier drawing, I'm sure. Still, I'd be willing to sometime give it a try!

  5. You'll be happy to know that another L in your life identified your portrait instantaneously, and with a pleased smirk on his face.


  6. Hey Jon, I've been a huge huge fan for a while, but only recently discovered your blog. Super inspiring stuff dude.

  7. amazing!!! From my recollection of you from 5 years ago, it's a spittin image.

  8. I like it.I love the background simple and it really highlights the image. I often draw myself in clothes just because I don't own them. viva la red pants!!!!

  9. gem: Heh, glad the subject's recongnizable.

    Thanks, Dan and toonaholic for the compliments!

    Gary: I suppose do resemble the fellow you met in 2003, with doses of handsomeness added each passing year. ;)