Monday, June 23, 2008

Superman, 2008, ink with digital color.

Here's another submission to Project Rooftop, this time for the event Superman: Man of Style!

As mentioned in the previous entry, circus performer and dancer were operative words for my Batman costume. For Superman, the words were football player and athlete.

Looking at the finished design and thinking about Superman's personality, I think the concept now seems natural, even obvious. However, it took me quite some time to stumble in this direction. Not until I read Jemma Salume's comments on her classy design did my own materialize. Thanks, Jemma!

My design's not far removed from Kal-El's classic threads, but I think it feels complete, a closed circle.

Funny that the design somewhat resembles Flash-Gordon-style duds, since I made no conscious attempts to include such elements. The resemblance makes sense to me when I consider that Raymond and company themselves alluded to fashion from contemporary and historical periods to depict their science-fantasy.

In other news, this is day three of my nine-day comics intensive at PNCA. So far it's a blast!

The first three-day leg is taught by powerful pair Jessica Abel and Matt Madden. It's true that I'm prone to hero worship, especially in classroom settings, yet I'm fairly convinced Jessica and Matt are two fine folks, regardless of location. If you have a chance to take a course with them, do so! Otherwise, pick up a copy of their new book Drawing Words and Writing Pictures!

Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Superman, the distinctive likeness thereof, and related elements are trademarks of DC Comics.


  1. I can almost see Leyendecker illustrating Supes in this costume for a magazine cover in a world where he really exists! I love it!

  2. What an interesting observation, Rico. Neat! Thanks to you and to Jay for the nice words.

  3. Hey, thanks, Drazen! Hope you're well.