Monday, December 19, 2011

089. Cap for the Cap'n?

fishy fashion

Captain Codskale character roughs, 2011, graphite.

Meet Captain Codskale, a Mon Calamari free trader in a Star Wars tabletop game I've been running monthly for a handful of friends.

I imagine the good captain with headgear so I drew a few caps that seem to me both sufficiently odd and vaguely sea-inspired.

Which do you think best suits him—option A, B, or C?

I can't guarantee the final version will reflect the consensus opinion, but I will send the inked drawing to the writer of the comment that most amuses me, found either here or at my deviantART page. (If you comment here, make sure I can contact you directly.)

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  1. For me the best hat is the B, it's like a second mustache or a flower reversed!

  2. I think option B is the best, it fits the style of the movies in the best way.

  3. For sure option A. A little more unassuming for the good Cap'n- especially in a traders market. Aye.

  4. i say B for banana peel! Like the proverbial lampshade-on-the-head, this banana peel inspired hat says "yes, I am a Captain, but I am also a fun guy!" You can be sure that Codskale would be the life of the party on any mission... his is the crew that every Mon Calamari (or any other species in a galaxy far far away) dreams to be a part of!

  5. I think C.
    Looks cool,something in the style of spain traider or conquistador.

  6. Thanks for the comments! Given the comments here and on deviantART, it seems "B" is very popular! I intend to post the final drawing in the near future.