Monday, February 6, 2012

091. Fannie Firecracker

She's back!

Fannie Firecracker study, 2012, ink with digital color.

I intend to release new Fannie Firecracker comics in 2012, so I've been gettin' reaccustomed to drawin' the gal. It's been a while! This one turned out pretty well ... Heck, I might simply rework it into one of the panels. "Waste not, want not," as they say.

Looking at her design with fresh eyes, I might try making her feet smaller (and maybe her hands also) to further exaggerate the ample parts of her anatomy. Thoughts?


  1. More McNally comics -- wheeee!

    I like her hands as-is. Smaller feet could be in order, or maybe a different shoe design? The points at the heel -- that sort of "N" shape -- trap my eye.