Monday, August 27, 2007

Demon Girl Digs the Slime, 2006, graphite.

This is the first of four drawings I completed for the upcoming second edition of Uresia, a fantasy game setting created by √úbermensch S. John Ross. Mister Ross is surely one of the nicest guys I've never met and it's a pleasure to contribute to his projects.

I think the four Uresia drawings are fairly representative of my current approach to drawing, a combination of good old-fashioned pencil work and Photoshop tweaks.

For me, interaction among figures requires planning. However, given the types of figures in this drawing (a cute girl in a dress and a dashing blob), the drawing quickly came together.

Drafts of Demon Girl Digs the Slime, 2006, graphite.

After completing the second in the above row, I forwarded it to S. John for a look-see. He suggested some adjustment to make it clear the slime's eyepatch is an eyepatch. An excellent suggestion! I scanned and printed the top half of the drawing, drafted some eyepatch decoration, then inserted the decoration into the drawing.


  1. YAY is right! Though it's been a great while since I've actually played a talkie RPG, I'm greatly looking forward to the new release of URESIA. I'll likely share another related drawing next week.