Monday, September 10, 2007

Child of the Sea Dragon, 2006, graphite.

This is the second of four drawings I completed for the upcoming second edition of Uresia, a fantasy game setting created by S. John Ross. Since it depicts only a single figure, I think this drawing was, perhaps, the fastest of the four.

Drafts of Child of the Sea Dragon, 2006, graphite.

The far left sketch was my favorite of three or four thumbnails. The far right sketch came next, then the sketch of the hand-held game (on a separate sheet of paper). Using Photoshop, I combined the two sketches, moving the game into a reasonable hand-held position. A soft print of the merged sketches I used to render the final version.


  1. In addition to the groovy listlessness of the character, I'm also enamored of the little logo on the handheld :)

  2. S. John: Yes, if there are video games in the world of Uresia, surely the best-loved series of games stars a happy slime.

    Rick: Isn't she, though? Of the four Uresia drawings, folks seem to most strongly respond to this one.