Monday, September 24, 2007

STAR WARS: Tatooine Manhunt, 1997, ink.

Gamers may recall Tatooine Manhunt, an adventure supplement written by Bill Slavicsek and Daniel Greenberg for use with STAR WARS: The Roleplaying Game. Both the images in this post were inspired by the Manhunt adventure.

In early SW:TRPG supplements, West End Games relied almost exclusively upon Lucasfilm's stock of concept art and photos to decorate the line of books and, for the most part, it beautifully worked. For Tatooine Manhunt, it didn't. Of course, I felt obliged to create original designs for the key characters!

I drafted the above image in 1995. Two years passed before I added ink. S'just as well, because I much prefer the woman's face in 1997 to the one in 1995. She aged gracefully, I guess.

STAR WARS: Tatooine Manhunt, 2001, ink with digital gray tones.

In 2001 I revisited the Tatooine Manhunt story. The two versions make a funny juxtaposition, don't they?

Original STAR WARS characters and situations created by George Lucas. STAR WARS characters, the distinct likenesses thereof, and related elements are trademarks of Lucasfilm Ltd.


  1. You sir... ROCK.
    I love this stuff. The simplified characters from 2001 are my favorites.

  2. Thanks, Jeremy! I, too, prefer the 2001 designs, yet I do find the older one strangely alluring.