Monday, October 1, 2007

Prehistoric Running Mates, 2007, graphite with digital gray tones.

I try to be conscientious about use of filler in my weblog. Still, in the immediate future, you may be forced to routinely consume familiar filler while I focus my gaze on tempting targets.

Might I suggest you add mile to your jog or do a few extra crunches to avoid the adverse effects of filler?

Concerned for your welfare, JMc


  1. familiar yes but I never saw this one! Jon, where's your sketchbook so i can buy it?

    I can not get enough of your art!

  2. I suppose these figures do look familiar to you, Josh!

    Still, although familiar, this drawing isn't the filler to which I referred. This one's fresh, not filler. You'll know the filler when you taste it (yum).

    As for sketchbooks, I haven't any of the sort one sells. I've only the sort in which one sketches. ;)

  3. Loverly!
    And I like your filler thank you very much.
    It's yummy like the inside of a twinkie.

    Mmmm, twiiiinkies.


  4. Prehistoric babe and a dinosaur, I love it.

    How was Stumptown? I want to get up there for that show some time. Would have been cool to meet Peter Bagge.

  5. vanhoozerbot: If we're talkin' Hostess snack cakes, Jeremy, I prefer Ding Dongs.

    monkeyfeather: I thought SCF was great fun, John. There's a huge SCF flickr pool you can view. T'would be swell to see you at next year's event!