Monday, January 14, 2008

Character study, 2007, graphite.

He acts tough, but I bet he's 25 percent tough and 75 percent acts.


  1. HA!

    The D.A.W.G stuff is GREAT! What is D.A.W.G? New comic? Animation? Looks fantastic whatever it's going to be.


  2. Thanks for the kinds words, John.

    Guess I should've explained what D.A.W.G. is, huh?

    Like the Ape-Man-Droid depicted elsewhere, D.A.W.G.'s another concept related to Darcy Dare. The Dedicated Army of Wicked Goons is a secret organization with malevolent aspirations yet to be defined.

    In his description of the Darcy Dare Sparks set, S. John titled an analagous character "Agent of P.A.W." and, you know, I've neglected to ask him what words, if any, comprise his organizational acronym.