Thursday, January 17, 2008

Personal Batman No. 1, 2007, ink with digital color.

When I was a just a lad, my primary exposure to Batman was the 20th Century Fox show starring West and Ward. Perhaps due to skewed color on the TV set, I long imagined Batman's costume was mildly purple. It's no surprise, then, that I'm occasionally dissatisfied with the canonical gray-blue combo.

So, does this purpled fellow match the Batman in my child mind? Hmm ... not quite. Expect more personal Batmen in future posts.

I'll say one thing about this here hero: I'm not happy with the scalloped edge of his cape, which looks to me more birdy than batty.

Batman created by Bob Kane. Batman, the distinctive likeness thereof, and related elements are trademarks of DC Comics.


  1. wow, what a wonderful rendition!
    More, sir, if you please.

  2. Hey, thanks, Josh. I was actually working fresh renditions a few moments ago, but I don't think they're presentable. Will surely share when they are such.

  3. wonderful design Jonathon. I've always been a fan of the black and purple combo. I've never been very fond of blue he wore, purple just feel more dark and sinister too me.

  4. Glad you like it, Gary. Is purple sinister? I dunno. I suppose if I'd simply drawn a creepy bat (not a bat-man, that is) I would, indeed, color him purple, not blue.