Monday, January 12, 2009

Jessie Bazata's fabulous cover art

Jessie Bazata, Cover Art for Intense Collection, 2008.

Remember that li'l comics collection I mentioned a few months ago? Well, Intense is here, it looks splendid, and it's jam-packed with entertaining stuff (see November 17, 2008 post for a peek at my contribution to the book).

Fellow contributors include:

  • Ezra Ereckson
  • Chris Hazell
  • Randall Jahnson
  • Marco Kaye
  • Jefferson Powers
  • Gregory Tozian
  • Kevin Uehlein

Other Intense info:

  • 48 black-and-white pages
  • Special 20-page mini-comic
  • Intro by Jessica Abel and Matt Madden

Thanks in particular to contributors Jeff Powers (who collected the material and prepared it for print) and Greg Tozian (who selected the printer and negotiated the job).

Dreaming about your very own copy of Intense? Send an e-mail message to hellouloo [at] jonmcnally [dot] net and I'll reply with confirmation of availability, price, etc.

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