Monday, January 19, 2009

Lady Uliya title card, 2009, ink with digital color.

Who can forget watching this on Saturday mornings, huh? Pajamas and bowl of Cheerios recommended for optimum viewing.


  1. This was my favorite show of all time. They really found their stride in the second season.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree, John. That second season of LUSV is perhaps even more impressive when you consider that other contemporary shows (e.g. That Swingin' Hero Ali Rogg, Katy Kite and the Pinwheels of Death, etc.) survived only a season before fading into obscurity.

  3. this illustration is awesome! I've never heard of this show, but now I'm curious.

  4. the constant high speed boat chases were a highlight for me every episode, lol


  5. Bobby and Eric, thanks for the words!

    San, don't go looking too hard for the show, okay? ;)

    As for you, LFW, the boat chases were kooky fun, indeed.

    I've heard tell that producer Wilbur Shanna openly loathed such nonsenical scenes and often threatened to fire legendary story man Carl Yaquino (who, as a young man, dreamed of being a speedboat champ).

    Guess there's no accounting for taste, huh?

  6. Best Vampirella redesign ever!

  7. I'm diggin' this!
    for real!

    Love the colours too, reminds me of Hanna Barbera somehow, lovely palette!

  8. Oh yeah! I loved that show.
    Wasn't there an ongoing comic adaptation for a year or two? Do you have an page scans from those?

  9. How did I miss the fact that you'd started a blog?!? Thanks for sharing all you coolness with us, Jon. BOOKMARKED!!

  10. Thanks for the continuing comments!

    Hobo, color compliments from you mean much. Thanks.

    You know, Paul, I've been looking for scans from that Uliya comics series but I haven't found any. If something turns up, I'll be certain to share.

    I am pleased and honored by your visitation, Battle-Master. May coolness travel with you, before and after.

  11. I always love to see your work, Jon!