Monday, February 23, 2009

My Drawing Space, 2009, digital photographs.

Here's a peek at the li'l corner where I draw. I hoped some of the panel content would be visible in the right-hand photo but I can only see the vaguest hints of pencil drawings.

Event notice! For those of you in the Portland area, I invite you to drop by Bridge City Comics on the evening of Wednesday, February 25. My fellow Intense collection contributors and I are holding a small release party for the book. Maybe I'll see you there?


  1. Wow your desk is crisp clean as your style.

    Cheers on the book:-)


  2. Cool. I have a set of 1960s World Books as well, but they're in storage. It's great to see you're getting some time to work on the barbarian story!

  3. Yeah, I simply have several Year Books scavenged from a library sale at a local university. They've served me well for quick face references.

    My family had a complete set of World Book and Childcraft ... Oh, how I loved them, particularly the Childcraft annuals.

    As for the barbarian story, I'm happy to report it's staggering along but sad to report it won't be ready for Stumptown. Got something else that should be ready for SCF and then I plan to resume work on sword-n-sorcery stuff.

    Thanks for stopping by, Brian!