Monday, March 2, 2009

Excerpt from For the Love of Mice, 2008, ink.

Thanks to all the friendly folks who visited Bridge City Comics last Wednesday to help us celebrate the release of Intense! Thanks also to Mike and the Bridge City staff who allowed us to occupy their fine establishment for a couple of evening hours.

During the month of March, original work from the Intense collection (including the page to which the silly panel above belongs) will be displayed at Backspace in Northwest Portland.

Come by the evening of Thursday, March 5, when several of us will be present for First Thursday opening of our show. I do believe our work will be hanging in the rear gallery. See you there!


  1. Such a talent. Everything is just perfection!


  2. Awesome. Gadzooks is a great word.

  3. Do you have any advise for an up and comer like myself? Any pointers on getting to draw full time?

  4. Thanks, John. I do love a good exclamation.

    I appreciate the inquiry, Everett, but I don't think I'm a good source for pointers on getting to draw full time since I've never done it myself.

    Still, the following's worked for me in several circumstances and I'll wager it somewhat applies to the world of pro drawing also:

    Shamelessly pitch yourself and your work to anyone and everyone. No one's gonna do it for you.

    Your work, by the way, is quite arresting!

  5. Wish we lived closer (talking about it...) Amazing work, Jon--LADY ULIYA is awesome. YOu have such a nice line quality! What do you use?

  6. Gee, thanks for the compliments, Andy. I envy the zany energy in your own work. Regarding lines, I've lately been using a COPIC Multiliner SP with the flexible, brushy tip.

    Thanks for your interest, sir!

  7. I love those!! That's what I use for my marker comps, but not lines...nice control and assertiveness.

  8. Thanks! Push push push... good advice