Monday, April 6, 2009

Fannie @ SCF!

Cover design for Fannie Firecracker, 2009, ink with digital color.

Oh, my! Here's a taste of the something I'll be serving at Stumptown Comics Fest 2009! Visit Table 2, where I'll be stationed (at least half the time) with my Intense comrades.

Also, our original work from the Intense collection continues to hang through the month of April at Backspace in Northwest Portland. Stop by said nook and have a look!


  1. Great design, and an awesome name to boot. Can't wait to see more!

  2. I'm loving the look of this Jon, and the color choices are top notch. Can't wait to see more.

  3. Heh, I never knew you had a blog! Great stuff, i'll be visiting frequently.

  4. I wish I could make it back out there for this show! I was just out for the ECCC. I want to see more of the alluded to taste of something more!

  5. Thanks, for the compliments, Bobby and Evan. You won't have to wait much longer to see!

    Glad you found the spot, Joey!

    Rico! I'm disappointed to learn I missed seeing you in Seattle. I made arrangements to be there but I fell ill and cancelled my plans. I hope we can see one another when you next visit the Pacific Northwest.

    Come back next week for more teasing!

  6. Jon,

    You sir, are my hero.
    Pitch perfect.