Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fannie Firecracker Original art and fold-out comic, 2009, mixed media.

Ready to sell! Here's a first look at Fannie Firecracker, the eight-panel fold-out comic my clever co-conspirator Liska and I prepared for Stumptown Comics Fest 2009!

Liska and I knew early on that we wanted to present our fold-out comic as a small, crafty package. Liska volunteered to decorate envelopes to hold the comic. A great idea!


Cornered by Decorated Envelopes!

We guarantee your copy of Fannie Firecracker will contain:

  • Eight (8) colorful panel-pages
  • One (1) hand-decorated envelope
  • At least three (3) instances of silly innuendo

One hundred copies of Fannie Firecracker will be available for three dollars each this weekend at Stumptown Comics Fest in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Run to Table 2 and snag your copy! See you there!


  1. love your stuff man. i'll have to get my friend to pick one of these up for me.

    the $3 price tag must be a joke though, right? this looks like a $20 package at the very least.

  2. Congrats! These look wonderful. Wish i could be there.

  3. Any chance that some might be saved to sell to those of us that can't come up to the fest? Eh? Eh?

  4. Hello!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your style is really fun, and linework is beautiful.

    I wish I could have been in Portland to buy one of those beautiful-looking comics!

  5. It's no joke, Kevin! True, I'm selling them close to cost but I think it'd be hard to ask more for an eight-panel mini-comic, regardless of how nifty I may think it is. Did your buddy snag one for you?

    Thanks, Joey and Rosie, for the nice words!

    Copies of the comic remain, Dear Uncle, and are now available for online sale! See the new sidebar widget for details. Thanks for your interest, skilled sir!