Thursday, April 23, 2009

img for to tempt you

Excerpt from Fannie Firecracker, 2009, ink with digital color.

Stumptown Comics Fest 2009 is a fading memory. Kudos to Stumptown staff and volunteers and thanks to my PNCA comrades, with whom I shared a table.

I was only there half the weekend but I didn't pass up the chance to purchase cool stuff directly from cool folks like Alec Longstreth, Maris Wicks, and Liz Prince. It was nice also to meet Joe Quinones, soon to be beloved by Green Lantern fans everywhere.

Following its Stumptown premiere, the Fannie Firecracker fold-out mini-comic is now available to you, my web community!

Specs, revisited: Eight colorful panels printed on cardstock. Measures 5.5 inches by 4.25 inches folded, 5.5 inches by 17 inches unfolded. Hand-decorated wrapper. Price three dollars ($3) U.S., plus shipping and handling.


  1. More, please!

    I hope Fannie don't get taken advantage of. If she keeps buying bread from that baker she's gonna end up with a bun in her oven!


  2. Love the pose of the baker in the right panel.

  3. You have an incredibly enjoyable style! I love your take on Batman.

  4. I'm touched you fear for Fannie's welfare, J. I like to think her apparent innocence is neutralizing wisdom at work. Still, you can't be too careful!

    Thanks, John. I hope he looks like the same fellow from panel to panel.

    Glad you dig the Batman, Jarrett. You've a nice knight on your own weblog!

  5. Hey Jon,

    Love this mini! Brian Mclachlan showed it to us one lunch time, and its gorgeous. He also showed the anthology comic your class put together and your work stood out head and shoulders above the crowd. When I saw that anthology, I honestly thought you were teaching the course, not a student!

    BTW, one quick question: your lettering is gorgeous in that comic is absolutely gorgeous and charming -- is it a font or hand lettered? I couldn't tell. If its hand lettered, you're a master of that too!

    Anyway, great work as always!

    Your fan,

  6. Thanks for the nice words, Mike. They mean much coming from a skilled fellow such as yourself. I'm glad you liked those silly stories.

    Regarding letters, do you refer to those in the anthology?

    Those letters are, indeed, done by me (with some Ames-type guidance). A bit too much space between the lines, I think, but I should cut my novice self some slack.

    For my next strip I am tempted to try drawing my own balloons, then using a font created from my own letters. Would that really save me any time? It would enable less painful text corrections, I suppose.

    You know who does some great letters? Saida Temofonte. I don't know how her hand letters look but her digital work on Mysterius the Unfathomable is top-notch, easily my favorite letters in recent memory. Organic balloons, comfortable spacing ... Outstanding stuff.

  7. Love her design! Can't wait to see more.