Monday, June 8, 2009


Suburban Barbarian Princess Jennifer, 2009, ink with digital color.

I drew this for a friendly trade. The colors were added several days after the drawing was handed to the postman.

On the topic of color, a question I've posed elsewhere: Do those of you who tinker with digital color typically use a "channels" method or a "layers" method (or a combination of the two or another method altogether)? Does your method vary according to image type?


  1. Gorgeous...
    and so Darn CUTE!..


  2. Thanks, Pedro. After some discussion of Paul Pope's use of a limited, old-school comics palette on an upcoming strip, I was interested in trying the same myself. This here's a first attempt and I must admit I'm fairly pleased with the results!

  3. You make me blush, Commander Hackelberg.

  4. Hey Jon! THANK YOU SO MUCH for my copy of Fannie Firecracker! What a great treat. I totally dig your style, man--so fluid, full of energy, top-notch line work, sophisticated color palette and design sensibility that harkens back to a "classic" style without feeling out-of-date or too "retro". Thanks. I'll be popping back often!

    Andy S.

  5. Beauty, as usual.

    I color using the "multiply" layer, mostly.

  6. When I'm using photoshop I always color in layers...with the line art on top layer as multiply. Is that what you're asking?!

    All I really know is that this here girl you've dran is AWESOME. And so is Fannie Firecracker.

  7. Thanks for the kind words about Fannie Firecracker, Andy. It's nice to think my work doesn't look "too retro," as you say, but stands on its own. I've been lately reminded to be careful of references within an image which might limit appreciation among a broad range of viewers.

    I appreciate the input on your own coloring methods, Paige and Rick. I, too, rely upon (many, many) layers. My question about methods was triggered by my very recent learning of some things one can do with channels. I'm curious to know how others actually use (or don't use) them. Most respondents have indicated they manipulate both layers and channels when coloring or they manipulate layers only.

    And Paige, I'm glad you like my drannings. ;)

  8. omgoodness. I love this with every beat of my cold unfeeling heart! and someday I hope to have an uloo sketch of my very own.

  9. I knew someday I'd melt your heart of ice, Mister 'Sick.