Monday, February 8, 2010

Sword of the Wilderlands!

Setsuko, 2010, mixed media.

Don't mess with The Intrepideers!

The savage swordswoman Setsuko is one of many zany, loveable characters in The Intrepideers, a series of comics by Brett Von Schlosser and Kelly Krantz (first installment) and Tim Sievert (second and third installments).

If you have a fondness for gonzo fantasy, give it a gander!


  1. I like this and I like that. Thanks for tippage!

  2. I haven't heard of the book, but as always your art is terrific.

    not crazy about the bg, but I'm not one to complain.

  3. Thanks for the visits and words, San, 'Red, and Terrier.

    I'm not sold on the background, either. I thought a busy BG might nicely contrast the clean drawing.

    My takeaways: Maybe this BG has too much content or there's too much contrast within the BG itself. Also, the ferocious green sits uncomfortably on the weblog's blue BG.

  4. Great drawing, Jon! Really appealing!

  5. Beautiful!

    Sorry if I rarely leave comments on your wonderful blog. I'm just a lazy bum.

    But you know I'm a fan of your work.

  6. Fantastic work my friend! I really dig your style!

  7. Great drawing, great character, bravo!

  8. Thanks for the extra comments on this one. I consider them testaments to the excellent inspiration provided by Sievert and Schlosser!