Monday, April 18, 2011

I'll be wearing your tantoon

Tatoo, 2011, ink with digital color.

Here's my submission for the current Bristolwhip topic, tattoo.


  1. Sweet!

    I like the contrast of her rounded shoulder and the square shadow beneath her jaw, and then the squareish side of her chin vs. its rounded side.

    Plus I like the pretty.

  2. Thanks, Jesse. This came together very quickly, so it's nice to know some of those things worked.

    How does the color saturation look to you folks out there? On my Photoshop laptop, it looks fine but on this other monitor it seems oversaturated. Who to trust?

  3. Gorgeous Jon! The BG is really saturated for me, everything else is just fine. The blue is just fine too, just letting you know what it looks like here.

  4. Looks fine on my computer, but mine runs a tad pale (on purpose). Guess it depends on how monitors are calibrated?

  5. Jon, it looks good good good! Good colors, good drawing, good concept--GOOD!

  6. Thanks, gents, for the compliments.