Monday, February 11, 2013

099. Astro Boards

far out
Storyboard samples, 2013, graphite with digital tones.

I'm currently enrolled in an online storyboarding class with the honorable Rad Sechrist so expect to see some homework posts from me.

The story seed provided for this assignment was straightforward: an astronaut in his spaceship, confronted with an emergency. A significant lesson I learned: I could've conveyed more story, advancing it further, using the same number of boards. As it is, I didn't get to the real emergency I had in mind for this fellah. Still, it seems like he's already pretty stressed!


  1. 'Grats on the class! Rad's a great artist and seems like a great teacher.

    The boards look good! Reminds me of watching Chuck Jones cartoons, or the better UPAs. (Though FWIW, I'd subtract boards 7, 9, 10, & 15-18. Or I'd shoot 14-17 from the side; "select meal" not visible until 18-19.)

    I'll be wandering Emerald City Con on the Saturday -- FYI.

    1. Good calls on the 'boards, sir. Sorry I didn't see you at the show ... Didn't make concrete plans soon enough! Maybe a studio visit's in order?

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Shane! Hope you're well. Gonna be in SoCal first week of July. Would be great to see you and hear what you're up to!