Monday, February 18, 2013

100. Dungeon Monkey

Here are the two story concepts I pitched for my final project in Rad's storyboarding class. Can you guess which one I eventually selected?


A band of adventurers enters the dungeon but only one comes out alive—with a sack full of loot! Scenario: 4–5 kids gather in a suburban basement to play Dungeons & Dragons. Some shots will be around the game table and others in the imaginary world of the dungeon.

  • Players are introduced via each gushing about respective characters. There is one female player in group, not as cocksure as fellow players.
  • Adventurers enter dungeon and soon encounter its fearsome denizens!

  • Male players make dopey displays of chivalry, ultimately leading to demise of their adventurers and leaving female adventurer facing unfriendly monsters.

  • Female player forges ahead, despite words of caution from fellow players.
  • Female adventurer defeats enemies and enters treasure chamber.
  • In addition to a pile of treasure, chamber contains replacement adventurers for the male players, currently bound with ropes and waiting to be freed (a gaming trope).
  • Female player mulls situation ...
  • Female adventurer loads all treasure in a big sack and exits chamber with a wink. Male adventurers—and their players—are shocked!
  • Just as this occurs in play, an adult voice calls from the stairway—female player is called home. "Great game, guys! See you next Saturday, huh?"

The Monkey and the Spider

Based on a folk tale, very possibly the inspiration for the Chuck Jones classic, "One Froggy Evening." Setting is fairytale Italy, not unlike Disney's Pinocchio.

  • Organ grinder Giuseppe and granddaughter Carlotta are down on luck. No one's into song and dance these days. Townsfolk boo and throw trash.
  • Returning home, Giuseppe and Carlotta stop at pet store, thinking animal might draw in crowd. They see monkey, Beppo. Beppo's no ordinary monkey—he talks!

  • Pet shop owner warns against purchase but Giuseppe buys Beppo anyway.
  • First day goes well—Beppo's a hit with townsfolk!

  • Beppo uses success as leverage to get himself a new suit, silver chain, etc.
  • Next day Beppo won't dance! Capricious towsfolk unimpressed; Giuseppe furious.
  • Following day Giuseppe tries again. Beppo convinces townsfolk he's mistreated.
  • Giuseppe confines Beppo while he and Carlotta try luck in other part of town. As they leave, Giuseppe warns Beppo not to mess with jars on high shelf.
  • Of course, Beppo can't help himself.
  • Last jar contains tarantula! Beppo is bitten, resulting in frenzied dancing.
  • Delighted, Giuseppe takes Beppo back to square next day and rakes in coinage!

If the link between the bite and the dancing has you confused, see here.

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