Monday, February 25, 2013

101. For the Love of Mice

far out
Excerpt from For the Love of Mice, 2008, ink.

A few years ago I attended the annual PNCA comics intesive, instructed by Jessica Abel, Matt Madden, Daniel Duford, and Peter Bagge. Following the workshop, I contributed to a class collection of short stories we titled Intense.

I continue to be fond of my story (a couple of framed pages currently hang in my son's bedroom, in fact). I doubt I'll ever reprint the tale, though. Shall we post it here for posterity?


  1. Well holy frik!
    That girl character (which is awesome by the way) looks soooo similar to a girl I did on a blog post of mine a couple of years back.
    check it out:

    Maybe we were drinking from the same inspiration stream! :-)

    1. Ha, they are similar, aren't they, Sean?

    2. yeah deffo! :-)
      I probably drew her after a day of blog surfing. Looks like ur stuff was what stuck in my head :-)