Monday, March 4, 2013

102. Dungeon Thumbs

Rough as they are, here are thumbnails for Dungeoneers, one of two proposed ideas for my final project in Rad's storyboarding class.

I selected this one for the final, but after a few weeks working on thumbs and then boards I realize the multiple characters are getting in my way. I'm spending more time fretting over character placement than I am on acting and story.

Still, it warrants a return visit—maybe as a comic strip? Whatever form it takes, I hope to make better use of perspective and environments and there are inconsistencies wanting correction (e.g., by page three, Player 2's dwarf becomes a cleric).

Picking up where the thumbs trail off ...

Once Player 4 has emptied the treasure chest, she throws her now comically large backpack across her back and exits the chamber with a wink. Just as this occurs in play, an adult voice calls from the top of the basement stairway. Player 4 is called home.

"Great game, guys! See you next Saturday, huh?"

I wonder if the wizard should have a chance to cast his spell before having his blood spilt on the dungeon floor. What do you think?


  1. Cool! Can't wait to see the rest of the story, Jon!

  2. Well, as you know, I went in a different direction for the final project. Still, I think this idea would work very well for a fairly short (eight pages, maybe?) comic story.