Monday, May 13, 2013

104. Royal Send-Off

phantom fashion
The Princess Planet guest strip, 2013, ink with digital color.

My friend Brian McLachlan is ending his beloved webcomic, The Princess Planet, after a long run—8 years! To give it an appropriately royal send-off, several friends of the comic, including yours truly, contributed guest strips. As implied in the byline, Brian scripted and I drew.

princess and robot
Princess Christi and the Robot, 2007, ink with digital color and effects.

Here's some TPP fan art from a while back. The snowman is most frequently seen in Princess Christi's company, but I have a soft spot for the robot (much due to this early strip).

I wonder what Brian's next project will be? Can't wait to see!


  1. Jon! Your art is, as ever, fantastic! Love all your poses and how you treated the backgrounds! Brilliant.


    1. Thanks, J! Loved your guest strip also!