Monday, May 13, 2013

104. Royal Send-Off

phantom fashion
The Princess Planet guest strip, 2013, ink with digital color.

My friend Brian McLachlan is ending his beloved webcomic, The Princess Planet, after a long run—8 years! To give it an appropriately royal send-off, several friends of the comic, including yours truly, contributed guest strips. As implied in the byline, Brian scripted and I drew.

princess and robot
Princess Christi and the Robot, 2007, ink with digital color and effects.

Here's some TPP fan art from a while back. The snowman is most frequently seen in Princess Christi's company, but I have a soft spot for the robot (much due to this early strip).

I wonder what Brian's next project will be? Can't wait to see!


  1. Jon! Your art is, as ever, fantastic! Love all your poses and how you treated the backgrounds! Brilliant.