Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lord Rogan and the Jam, 2007, graphite.

This is the fourth of four drawings I completed for the upcoming second edition of Uresia, a fantasy game setting created by S. John Ross. Once I got to work, this one was quickly assembled.

Studies for Lord Rogan and the Jam, 2007, graphite.

Choosing grannies was tough. I tried to create ones that seemed to me both iconic and true to my own experience (not mutually exclusive qualities, I suppose).

Draft of Lord Rogan and the Jam, 2007, graphite and ink.

Posing Lord Rogan was fun, as was designing his costume. While drafting the costume I tried to channel Tenngren and Kirby.


  1. hey fantastic work you got here!

    thanks for the invite!


  2. jay d smith: Hey, thanks for the compliment, Jay. As for the invite, you're very welcome. See you next time!

    s. john: I'm glad to know you still think it's fantastic, sir. T'was a pleasure to contribute.