Monday, November 17, 2008

Excerpt from For the Love of Mice, 2008, ink.

In the previous post I mentioned that I'm joining several cohorts from the PNCA comics intensive to collect stories we conceived during Jessica Abel and Matt Madden's leg of the course. Yesterday we turned in our work for assembly. It was great to see the finished pages, cleverness all around!

I think the book should be ready for sharing mid-December. At that point I'll try to tempt you with a copy. In the meantime, please enjoy the first scene from my contribution to the collection (above).


  1. cant wait - love your work since i first saw it on

  2. I've already said how much I like this. Now I will mention how GREAT the lettering is as well.

    Post your Vampirella I just saw. She's amazing!

  3. tomm: Love your work, too, sir, since witnessed in the aforementioned spot. I'm so excited to see Secret of Kells.

    John: I do love a nicely-lettered comic, so I thank you for the compliment. Maybe I'll post Vampirella next week?