Monday, September 28, 2009

img for to tempt you

Goblin Adversaries, 2009, ink with digital color.

As you may know, I have a lasting affection for tabletop role-playing games (RPGs). During the summer I was tickled to discover a number of do-it-yourselfers publishing games which emulate play of RPGs long out of print (especially versions of a certain well-known fantasy role-playing game).

For example, Mythmere Games publishes Swords & Wizardry, a game intended to approximate a simpler, mid-Seventies RPG. Other titles include Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future, both published by Goblinoid Games. Works like these are permissible under something called an Open Game License (OGL). Neat, huh?

Now I'm itching to test one of these babies! To prepare for play, I'm drawing a handful of characters that I'll make into paper miniatures, hence the goblins pictured above.

Who's ready for fortune and glory?


  1. Sometimes, for me at least, drawing the characters and creating the world are more fun than actually playing.
    Anyway, love the design, (and color!) of these little underlings.

  2. Ah, too true, Jake. That's why I plan only a session or two, so I can have bits of both prep and play. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. these are great!
    I guess "personality goes a long way"
    applies to goblins as well!

  4. Those are cute and nasty little guys! The Order of the Stick webcomic started as a bunch of stickman drawing miniatures. You're in good company.

    Let's see the rest of the campaign heroes and villains!

  5. I wonder, Ben, if a goblin can have too much personality? When does a viewer or reader cease responding to a monster as a monster and instead responds to it as human?

    I plan to post more adversaries, Skullossus, but I'm not sure we'll see any heroes, since the players will create their characters almost immediately before play. I may draw a few hirelings or henchmen, however!

  6. wow, so Nintendo Gamebube Zelda! Cool, nonetheless.

  7. Yep, the Zelda influence is unmistakable and quite intentional. For a long time I imagined goblins looking like Spielberg Gremlins. Imagine my pleasure upon discovering Wind Waker's Bokoblins (which're pretty much Gremlin-ish goblins, in my estimation)! Glad you like, sir.