Monday, April 23, 2012

093. Captain Codskale

fishy fashion final
Captain Codskale, 2012, ink.

Allow me to reintroduce Captain Codskale, a Mon Calamari free trader in a Star Wars tabletop game I ran monthly for a handful of friends. As outlined in a prior post, I felt the good captain needed some headgear and so I solicited opinions from you, my dear readers.

You can see I didn't go with the second, most popular, option. Admittedly it's the funniest of the three but it muddies the silhouette; the hat appendages compete with the face tendrils. The third option (starfish) hints at historical costume in a way I like but the first one (clam) ultimately looks the most Star Wars-y to me.

In any case, Nic Cowan, your response to the prior post amused me most, so shoot me an email message with your mailing address. The original drawing pictured above is yours!

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  1. d'oh... i somehow missed the boat. oh well, i still love your work! cheers!