Monday, June 18, 2012

094. Need a New Computing Device

Ailing Device, 2012, graphite.

I'm in the market for a new computer and, perhaps, some peripheral devices. Care to recommend your setup or, perhaps, the setup you long for?

My current setup: PC laptop purchased several years ago when our household desperately needed a new computer at a reasonable price. Machine still supports day-to-day tasks just fine but, man, does it get slow when running Photoshop, etc. Currently no peripheral devices aside from external hard drive.

A couple of nagging questions:

  • Better to buy a less expensive "workhorse" and instead invest in a nice tablet?
  • Mac or PC? I've had both in the home; the pragmatist in me feels no real preference for either. Convince me.

I welcome your suggestions, opinions, etc. Thanks in advance for the thought food.


  1. Well it all depends on your budget of course. The best tablet you can get is a Cintiq. If you get one of them, you might not want to spend too much on the computer to run it, so Mac is out of the question.

    As with PC vs Mac, I, like you have absolutely no preference when using them- since 2009 (windows 7), there has been NO DIFFERENCE in their usability and reliability. I tend to sway towards Windows because you get far better value for money in terms of computing power. Apple products are expensive, and the only reason to choose Mac nowadays is if you use exclusive software like Logic or Final Cut Pro. Adobe products are the same on both.

    So I say, if you can, get a Cintiq and a Windows PC with a quad-core processor and plenty of RAM.

    If you decide on PC and are unsure as to what specs to choose. Look for what would be called a "gaming" PC. It doesn't matter if you're not going to play games on it. This just means that it's going to be very powerful as games are by far the most taxing thing you can do on a computer (and so "gaming" PCs must be strong, and will whip through things like Photoshop very easily). "Video editing" PCs are a similar breed for the same reasons.

    Or if you'd prefer, get an iMac with a cheaper tablet(Intuos). As I said, there is no difference when it comes to using Adobe products but Macs do look better and perhaps need less maintenance (no regular virus scans etc).

    PS, cool drawing!

    1. This is great feedback, Kristian. Thanks! Given feedback from you and others, I'm currently leaning toward a new desktop PC, possibly accompanied by a suitable tablet (model TBD).

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    1. I knew nothing of DDR before reading your message, Frederick. I'm sure whatever information I have is less than your own!